Understanding the Cremation Costs


To help you make the right choice, we believe that it is important you understand the costs involved in organising a cremation in Australia today.


The cost of a Value Cremation

A Value Cremation is not a full funeral service. It offers a low-cost cremation solution to suit any budget. As we work with a number of different suppliers across Australia, and due to varying costs in each state, the price we are able to offer also varies by state. To see the Value Cremations price in your state, please select from one of the below options.


Professional fees

This is the cost of our trained staff and their time to arrange and co-ordinate the various elements of the cremation. They take the utmost care to look after the details so you don’t have to worry about it. Our professional cremation consultant will speak with you over the phone or via email and then liaise with the trained transfer and crematoria staff to ensure the service is conducted with dignity and respect.


Organising the Death Certificate and other necessary application and registration forms

This can sometimes be a time consuming task and may vary by state. Value Cremations experienced staff will take care of as much as they are able; working with doctors, coroner’s office and the department of Births, Deaths and Marriages in your state, as required. Our staff will require the necessary information from you or your family to complete the paperwork. After the Death Certificate is issued, it will then be sent to you for your records.

Value Cremations will also acquire the Doctor's cremation certificates and manage any other required application and registration forms for the cremation service to proceed.


Transport of the deceased

When someone passes away, they will need to be collected from their place of death and transferred into our care. This may be from a nursing home, a hospital or a private residence. Our trained staff will collect the deceased and transport them to the chosen crematorium.


Preparation of the body

Before a cremation can take place, the deceased will need to undergo the required mortuary preparation and will be dressed in a cotton shroud and placed in the coffin. This is done with the utmost care and respect by our professional, trained staff.


Coffin or casket

In Australia, almost all crematoria will require that a body be placed in a coffin or casket for cremation. Value Cremations uses a high quality, yet affordable coffin supplied by LifeArt Australia. LifeArt coffins are designed and manufactured to meet the required regulations in each Australian state or territory. Depending on the state, the LifeArt Basic or BioBoard® coffin are available as part of the Value Cremations package.

BioBoard® coffin

BioBoard® Coffin

LifeArt Basic Coffin

LifeArt Basic Coffin

Cremation fees

Value Cremations works with a number of trusted and reputable crematoria across Australia. These crematoria employ accredited staff, who are experts in managing the cremation process. We only work with crematoria that are as committed as we are to providing a caring and respectful service.


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The Value Cremations offer has been carefully designed to suit as many Australian families looking for a low-cost funeral service as possible. We offer Value Cremations to ensure a budget funeral alternative.

If you would like a full funeral service we recommend you speak to Simplicity Funerals. Simplicity Funerals have been offering simple and affordable funerals to Australian families since 1979 and have a range of packages to suit any budget. Visit their website at www.simplicityfunerals.com.au.

If you have any further questions regarding our services, please call the Value Cremations consultant in your state or contact them via the online form.

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